Selecting a Specialty

One of the most significant decisions that we will help you make is in the selection of your niche. Most SRA Owners choose to specialize in some combination of a specific function, industry, location and level of expertise – which is what we refer to as FILL. Recruiters must become Market Master experts in their space, as companies increasingly rely on search firms to be experts not only in the generalized world of search, but in the world of search in a specific industry, or a specific function, or a defined geography, or at a specific level of candidate – whichever combination of the Market Mastery method suits you best. We will assist you with this niche definition throughout EntrepreneurExpress and Phase 1 training to help you define the world in which you will now be the relied upon expert!

Entrepreneur Express

Once you become a part of the Sanford Rose Network, our SWAT team of IT experts, marketing professionals, and operational support kicks into high gear. The first portion of our new office training is EntrepreneurExpress, which provides new owners proactive assistance for start-up and front-end activities such as business structure, licensing, technology, and office configuration and location, prior to the commencement of initial training. Our objective is to make sure once you have completed EntrepreneurExpress you can be fully focused on Phase 1 training and learning how to execute in the business.


Our New Office Training Program is broken into several phases in order to create an ongoing continuing education process. Our programs include Phase I Training in Dallas, Phase II Training, OJT Training, coaching with the leadership team, monthly network training webinars, bi-monthly MasterMind calls, distance-based workshops, and Premium access to the industry’s leading training platform, the Next Level Exchange. It’s fair to say that training and education is the true foundation of our organization, and you will not want for opportunities to learn and grow!