Acquiring and growing SRA is a “get to” not a “have to” for the leadership team and owners of SRA. Building something that is a true industry game-changer and that has never been done before is the legacy we strive to create. We are committed to a corporate team that is capable, connected and unified in the pursuit of our own next level. We love helping firms achieve their goals, and being able to do so within the framework of a like-minded group of fun-loving entrepreneurs is what we are all about. Imagine a couple hundred search firms all over the US and another few hundred around the globe all in pursuit of building the search firms of their dreams, guided by common core values, who respect each other’s individuality but know that together they can achieve far more collectively than they would individually. Now think about the benefit of developing so many authentic and meaningful relationships with people who understand the issues you face. Operating from abundance and the concept that a ‘rising tide lifts all boats’ is baked into the cultural DNA of our team. We all have a gap between our achievement and our potential, and the gap between those is the journey to the next level. Of course, as soon as the gap closes, a new potential opens up. Like a journey to the end of a rainbow, the pot of gold is not at a destination as there is no end. The pot of gold is the journey itself!

If you have the drive and determination to build your own business, have high expectations for your professional ambitions, and desire to be in control of your lifestyle, work and life balance, and income, we look forward to talking with you soon about owning your own Sanford Rose Associates organization.  Please review contact us to continue in this process.

It does not matter if you are a solo producer, a rainmaker with a team of recruiters and researchers, or a producing manager with a few other search consultants. Our scale of included support services encompasses the totality of what an organization should need to create a long and tenured legacy in the search business and within the Sanford Rose Network. Please review the alternative section of our website designed for established search firms here.

The partnership with SRA is for 10 years with the option to renew in 5 year term increments. Termination prior to completion of 5 years is not allowed. Should you wish to terminate upon completion of your 5th year, you will pay SRA a termination fee sum equal to 100% of the royalties due and owing from the preceding 12 months. If you decide to terminate the Franchise Agreement after 6 years, a termination fee sum of 80% of royalties due and owing from the preceding 12 months.  If you decide to terminate after 7 years, a termination fee sum of 60% of royalties due and owing from the preceding 12 months.  If you decide to terminate after 8 years, a termination fee sum of 40% of royalties due and owing from the preceding 12 months.  If you decide to terminate after 9 years, a termination fee sum of 20% of royalties due and owing from the preceding 12 months.

Our offices have access to what we believe is the finest recruiting training in the industry as Sanford Rose Associates is owned by Kaye/Bassman who owns Next Level Exchange. Instead of relying on one trainer, or one approach, or one methodology, the Next Level Exchange provides access to dozens of industry insiders who have only one thing in common – a track record of success. Although you may not know much about how to begin scaling your business through effective hiring, training, and ongoing performance management, we do; we have been successfully helping organizations discover and hire executive talent for decades and will partner with you as you hire talent for your own team.

Executive search is a unique business in that the start-up requirements are minimal, yet the skills and talent needed for success are significant. When getting started, you must have a phone, online presence, a recruiting database software, and some insurance and perhaps state requirements.  We will assist you in the initial population of your database, but you may also choose to invest in tools such as LinkedIn or industry-specific databases.

A new franchise of SRA has owners that were once a franchisee themselves and understand that the franchisee is a client who needs to be served so that the franchisees can best serve the external clients that pay the search fees. A new franchisee has the intellectual capital of a team having trained over 1,000 recruiting firms and 10,000+ recruiters on 6 continents.  We cannot guarantee success in this business, but our mission is to make sure that if you ever leave the network, you are one of our strongest testimonials and most raving fans.  Our mission would be that you would attest to the fact that SRAI did absolutely everything to train, mentor, and support you and you simply decided that the search business was not the right fit for you.  Success cannot be guaranteed in this business, but there is no doubt that starting in our industry as a Sanford Rose Associates dramatically increases the odds, the speed and the level of success!

Our EntrepreneurExpress™ program is designed to provide new Owners proactive assistance for start-up and front-end activities such as business structure, licensing, technology, and office configuration and location, prior to the commencement of initial training. EntrepreneurExpress can be initiated distance-based approximately four weeks prior to Phase 1 Training, which is conducted at our headquarters. With those issues addressed early on, an Owner is given the opportunity to concentrate on learning the search business with a goal of opening the office as soon as possible following the completion of Phase 1 Training.

Most Sanford Rose Associates Search Consultants choose to specialize in some combination of a specific function, industry, location, and level of expertise – which is what we refer to as Market Mastery.  Whether you choose to build from your previous business experience, background, and connections or start a new chapter, Sanford Rose Associates has a methodology that will help cement your foundation and future in search.

You will notice that many of our offices are named by location, while some are branded by a name or group. The choice of how to name your office is yours to make, and we will advise you appropriately so you select a name that works in perpetuity.

Your office location is determined based on where you want to live and work and can be set up nearly anywhere. You even have the option of starting your business in your home, in a professional virtual office, or in commercial space. You are not required at any time to have a professional office suite. We can work with you to define a specific territory; however, there are no geographical restrictions around your clientele or where they can be located. You are free to work with any client globally.

Because of greed and the desire to sell new franchises, the primary reason a franchise recruiting network’s brand is destroyed is through over-saturation in a niche. As a privately held organization, SRAI has the luxury to choose why and when we add new offices to the network, growing at the pace we want, with the people we want and without creating over-saturation in any market.  We have turned many established, million-dollar search firms down from joining our family because those offices would compete directly with the same clients and candidates.  When SRAI has a significant and established presence within a niche, we will not add new offices to that niche without the consent and desire of their admission by the office or offices in that space.  So, as they say, the early bird gets the worm!  If all markets become saturated we will simply only allow members to join when one retires or leaves, and like many elite country clubs, we hope our waiting list becomes years to join as well!

  • How many established search firms have joined your network in the last three years? What was their average revenue prior to joining?  If zero established firms have joined, why is their value proposition unable to attract them?
  • How large of a search firm has the leadership team personally run themselves?
  • How many new franchises were sold in 2012, 2013 and 2014? How many are still in business?
  • What is your retention rate in the last three years of the offices who have completed their initial term and choose to stay within the network?
  • How much revenue did each of the Top 10 Offices do last year?
  • With so many offices in the network, how do you avoid the issue of saturation within a niche? What if I am placing candidates with a client, while another office is pulling candidates out?
  • If I am required to use a proprietary software, why is the cost exorbitantly more than the $50 – 100/month cost charged by other leading recruiting software systems?
  • Why would I be forced to use a proprietary software when there are firms such as PC Recruiter, Bullhorn, and Encore that spend millions on developing and maintaining systems widely used throughout the recruiting industry?

SRAI has a 401(k) business financing service via a longstanding relationship with a third-party firm. Guidant Financial is available to assist in this process; learn more about them at

Our Sanford Rose Associates initial franchise fee is $88,000. The total investment needed is dependent upon the size of your initial office.

We are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the SRA brand and only allow new individuals into the network who we feel will thrive in executive search. Our retention rate is something we hold in the highest regard, and those entering the network have the full dedication of all on our SRAI team not just throughout Phase 1 training but in perpetuity.  Because of this dedication, we choose to limit the frequency of new Phase 1 classes to only a few times per year.  We also limit the number of new owners allowed in each Phase 1 class.

To begin, new Owners receive well over 100 hours of personalized training delivered both live at our headquarters and deskside in your office.  However, our scale of included support services encompasses the totality of not only what an organization should need to get off the ground, but also to create a long and tenured legacy in the search business and within the Sanford Rose network.  As an SRA Franchisee, you will have access to a multi-faceted infrastructure complete with an incomparable operations and finance team, state-of-the-art technology, coaching and consulting, marketing communications, legal assistance, split network opportunities and procurement power.  Please click here to learn more about Our Value Proposition in each of these areas.