Your Questions

Dimensional Search is an integral component of the Sanford Rose Associates International (SRAI) franchise organization. SRAI, a distinguished leader in the recruiting industry, consists of a dual-brand approach to meet the diverse needs of search firm owners. Sanford Rose Associates (SRA) is a premier franchise dedicated to the assimilation of pre-existing recruiting firms into its extensive network. The Dimensional Search brand takes a distinct focus, actively seeking to engage and onboard professionals who currently operate outside the realms of the recruiting sector.

One of the core pillars of our franchise system is the commitment to coaching and supporting our franchise owners. We understand that the success of our franchisees directly correlates with the success of our brand. As such, franchise owners under the Dimensional Search umbrella will receive comprehensive training and guidance, equipping them with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in the recruiting industry. We foster an environment of growth and progression. As Dimensional Search franchise owners reach a predetermined threshold of revenue production and demonstrate their effectiveness in the field, they gain a unique opportunity to transition into the SRA network of offices brand. This seamless transition allows franchisees to further expand their horizons and tap into the full spectrum of opportunities within our dynamic franchise system.

First, many organizations tend to cast their recruitment nets in the wrong waters. Relying solely on job board postings primarily reaches a mere 15% of the candidate pool, predominantly the active candidates who are seeking employment. However, this approach barely scratches the surface when it comes to attracting the truly exceptional talent. At Dimensional Search, we provide our franchisees with the invaluable knowledge and skills to tap into the vast reservoir of passive candidates – those who aren’t actively job searching but often represent the cream of the crop in the talent pool.

Secondly, many companies opt to utilize their internal resources for the task of attracting and evaluating candidates who respond to their job postings. Frequently, these internal resources lack the hands-on experience within the department where the job vacancy exists, and they may not have an in-depth understanding of the role itself. At Dimensional Search, we impart a distinct approach to our franchise owners, encouraging them to collaborate with the decision-makers within organizations, thus ensuring a more targeted and efficient recruitment process.

No. While Dimensional Search is relatively new, we have a substantial number of franchise owners spanning both Dimensional Search and Sanford Rose, providing ample opportunities for valuable validation discussions.

Upon becoming a franchise owner, individuals are introduced to a dedicated coach who remains by their side throughout their onboarding, initial training, and the crucial ramp- up period. This close working relationship with their coach remains for the duration of their tenure as either a Dimensional Search or Sanford Rose Associates franchise owner.

In addition to personalized coaching, we provide access to NLE Academy, a comprehensive resource considered to be a “Netflix” for recruitment training. This extensive library houses hundreds of training videos covering a wide spectrum of topics, from day-to-day tactical insights to strategic growth strategies and the intricacies of producing and executing exit strategies.

Our organization prides itself on its multifaceted support structure, featuring specialized departments for every facet of the franchise journey. From onboarding and continuous training to expert assistance in marketing, digital outreach, SEO, and lead generation, legal and procurement support, coaching and mentoring, collaborative business opportunities, hiring staff members, capital allocation for growth, back-of-the-house services for contract staffing, and more, we’ve got it all covered. As a part of our close-knit family of companies, generating more than $200 million in revenues, we are the ideal partner to nurture and empower your franchise business, whether at the beginning or during the growth phase.

Yes, it is possible, and presents certain challenges. Similar to the semi-absent and absent owner models, consistent and daily commitment to the business is imperative. In our industry, success is directly correlated with the level of effort invested. Therefore, those who choose to allocate only part-time efforts should anticipate achieving proportionate results—meaning that part-time dedication typically yields part-time outcomes.

Absolutely, the beauty of our franchise model lies in its flexibility. Franchise owners can operate their businesses from virtually any location with a stable cell signal and internet connection. Whether it’s a home office, a compact office suite, a shared office space, or a traditional brick-and-mortar setup, the choice is entirely theirs to make. We will adapt the support to each individual owner’s specific needs and preferences.

The franchise fee for Dimensional Search is $88,000. This fee plays a pivotal role in covering Dimensional Search’s expenses associated with the initial onboarding process and essential services. The total investment required falls within the range of $103,900 to $131,600, ensuring that our franchisees are well-equipped for success. Royalties are structured as a flat 7.5% of your office’s cash-in. It’s important to note that the calculation of contract revenue is based on gross margin dollars, which involves subtracting the pay rate and burden from the bill rate. We understand that the early stages of business development require dedication and effort, which is why we do not require any minimum royalties to be paid in the first 270 days. This allows our franchisees to focus on building a strong foundation for their business without immediate financial obligations.

Success in both cases is certainly attainable, but the critical factor for either scenario lies in having a dedicated partner responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations. Our business model is action-oriented, emphasizing the need for active participation. This means, in order for a franchise to thrive, it must actively engage in client acquisition, candidate recruitment, and expert process management to bring placements to fruition. Without this proactive involvement, generating revenue may prove to be a challenging endeavor.

Sanford Rose Associates (SRA) is tailored for recruiters who either own an existing recruiting firm or already work at an existing recruiting firm. In order to qualify for an SRA franchise, they must meet a minimum billing requirement. Dimensional Search, as a sister franchise of SRA, was specifically designed for individuals aspiring to enter the recruiting industry. Franchise owners within Dimensional Search embark on a journey of learning the fundamentals of the business, equipping themselves with the necessary skills. Upon achieving a predetermined level of revenue performance, they gain the opportunity to seamlessly transition into an SRA franchise. Within the SRA franchise network, the focus shifts towards strategies for growing their business. Royalties within SRA are more competitive, compared to Dimensional Search which is set at a flat rate of 7.5%.

Once transitioned to Sanford Rose Associates, the royalty structure is as follows:

  • For annual revenue up to $2 million: 5.5%
  • Annual revenue ranging from $2 million to $3 million: 3.5%
  • For annual revenue exceeding $3 million: 1.5%

This structure resets to $0 revenue annually to accommodate growth and progress.

The transition is a straightforward and seamless process. Our team collaborates closely with our franchise owners to establish their unique brand identity. This includes crafting a professional website, assisting in securing an appropriate domain name, setting up personalized email accounts, and more. When the time arrives for our franchisees to make the shift from Dimensional Search to Sanford Rose Associates, the transition is as uncomplicated as completing some necessary paperwork and updating your website logo.

Absolutely, the beauty of our franchise model lies in its flexibility. Franchise owners can operate their businesses from virtually any location with a stable cell signal and internet connection. Whether it’s a home office, a compact office suite, a shared office space, or a traditional brick-and-mortar setup, the choice is entirely theirs to make, adapting to their specific needs and preferences.

Individuals who have yet to venture into the recruiting industry stand as our target audience. This includes prospective entrepreneurs such as hiring managers seeking independence from the constraints of traditional employment, as well as candidates whose career aspirations may not align with the services offered by their current recruiters. Dimensional Search extends a compelling franchise opportunity tailor-made for those who fall outside our industry’s traditional boundaries. We take great pride in offering an extensive support system that includes guidance, ensuring that our franchisees are well- prepared for success. Additionally, for those who achieve a specific revenue threshold, the opportunity to transition into the network of Sanford Rose Associates franchise, opens up a whole new realm of possibilities.

In instances where territorial overlaps occur, our approach is straightforward. We initiate communication with the existing franchise owner and seek their consent to establish another franchise within their designated territory, as we protect a ¼ mile radius around each franchisee. It’s worth noting that to date, we have not encountered a situation where a current franchise owner has declined such a request. This underlines the collaborative and cooperative spirit within our franchise network. Each franchise has no territorial boundaries when it comes to where the conduct business. Franchise owners may work with clients locally, globally or anywhere between. In the search business, two owners could have offices right next to each other, with one focusing in the automotive industry and the other in the medical device industry. These two will never compete. Even if the two were focused in the same area, at Dimensional Search and SRA we are proud of the fact that we have forged a culture of collaboration where owners will work together rather than competing against each other.